How To Ensure Your Mortgage Broker Provides Quality Financial Solutions

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Mortgage brokers are a link between you and potential lenders who can finance your dream home. Brokers also work on your behalf to find you the best mortgage solutions with competitive interest rates that suit your needs. Overall, they are valuable experts to have on your side when looking for funds to buy a home.

If you’re considering consulting with a mortgage broker, but are a first time home buyer, or haven’t worked with mortgage brokers before, it can be challenging to ensure you’ve hired a professional who cares about your best interests. To help you out, Angela Milosevic, a premier mortgage broker in Cambridge, Ontario, has compiled different methods to check the quality of the services your mortgage provider is offering you.

Check for licenses.

To practice as a mortgage broker, one must be licensed to carry out the work expected of them. As a mortgage broker myself, I am licensed through FSCO (Financial Services Commitment Ontario) to provide mortgages to clients. FSCO is the government agency responsible for all mortgages in Ontario. It also provides guidelines for mortgage brokers to ensure that all mortgage solutions go through a process of due diligence to properly suit the client.

Ask for information in writing.

When it comes to information about your mortgage, ask your specialist if they will provide the details explained to you in writing, for your reference and record. Similarly, all questions answered, and the information provided must be in writing, so you can refer to it whenever necessary.

Note if they understand your needs and goals.

Your mortgage broker must also fully understand your needs and have your financial goals in mind when choosing mortgage options for you. To double check if they do, you can request them to explain how the selected options match your requirements. Professionals who care about their clients will educate them on the different mortgage proposals available and set up solutions with only the best possible lenders while keeping their client’s unique situation in mind.

In case the mortgage agent you are considering does not understand your personal situation or have answers to the questions you ask, you need to look for someone who will.

To hire a reliable mortgage broker in Cambridge, Ontario, reach out to Angela Milosevic. With over twelve years of experience in mortgages, I have successfully assisted numerous clients with various needs like home purchases, mortgage refinances for debt consolidation, mortgage refinances for home renovation or investment, mortgages for the self-employed, investment properties, vacation or second home properties, mortgages for those with past or present credit problems and commercial mortgages.

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