Common Obstacles Homeowners Face When Refinancing Their Mortgage

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With fluctuating market rates, many homeowners look to restructure their existing mortgage plan and seek mortgage refinancing to lower their interest rate. While mortgage refinancing can help you save a ton of money, it can be difficult to obtain if you are unaware of the possible obstacles and frequent mistakes that borrowers make. The lack of knowledge could harm your application process and ruin your chance of refinancing.

To avoid issues that could derail your mortgage refinancing, Angela Milosevic has listed three common obstacles homeowners face when refinancing their mortgage and solutions to overcome them.   

1. Loss of employment.

A stable job proves to lenders that you have adequate income to cover your mortgage refinancing. However, without proof of employment, lenders will not approve your refinance. To get approved, you need to maintain constant, steady employment. If you have recently lost work, find new and similar employment before thinking about refinancing.

2. Not considering the cost of refinancing.

Clients aren’t always aware of the refinancing costs, which usually include legal fees and pre-payment penalties, along with the fees for registration and discharge. It is essential to consider all these costs. Alternatively, you can make sure it’s the right time to refinance by consulting a mortgage broker or use free mortgage calculation tools.

3. Consolidating debt while refinancing.

Consolidating debt is a common reason to refinance. However, this can put your home at risk. If your payments are in default, your house becomes collateral and may be seized by a lender or bank. Therefore when consolidating debt, it is essential to make all your payments on time. You can also work with a mortgage broker who will help evaluate your financial situation and develop a long-term plan to eliminate your debt.

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